I can actually finish stuff! (sort of)

My Thinkpad is full of random bits and pieces of unfinished code. Typically, I’ll have an idea for something, and do enough of it to convince myself that I’d be able to do it. Something like a coding magpie, I then get distracted by something else and never get round to going back and finishing it. Given that, I’m all the more impressed that I got round to finishing the Windows Mobile wiki-based notetaking app that I started last Sunday.

I know about a few little kinks in the code, and I’m sure there are many more. So maybe not completely finished, but it’s in a state where I can start using it, and have made it available to a few other people to use it as well.

There’s something I really like about using an application that you have access to the source for – if you want it to work slightly differently to suit you better, you open the source, make a quick change, recompile and there you go. It’s the sort of customisation that you need to be a developer to get at the moment.

From what I heard of our forthcoming QEDWiki system a few months ago, this is something that could be available to non-developers in the future. The idea is “…application assembly, in which businesspeople, rather than programmers, build their own applications…”. I’ve not seen this for myself, and it sounds a little too good to be true, but I’ve read more than one person who approached the demo with skepticism only to be convinced, so I’m looking forward to when this gets released.

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