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PersonalJavaTM Application Environment

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Return to Top New Releases
Final Version of 1.2a Specification

Version 1.2a of the PersonalJavaTM API specification is now available. Thanks to everyone for their feedback!

Download the final 1.2a Specification:

Source Code Available

The version 3.1 source code implementation of the PersonalJavaTM 1.2 specification is available for download via the Sun Community Source License.

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PersonalJava Specification

Previous versions of the PersonalJava Specification are available for download.

Download PersonalJava Specification v 1.1.3

Return to Top Previous versions of the PersonalJava API specification:
  • Download version 1.1.2
  • Version 1.1.1
  • Version 1.1
  • Version 1.0
  • HTML

    Runtime Environment for Windows CE

    The PersonalJavaTM Runtime Environment is a binary version of the PersonalJava application environment targeted for use on specific device platforms. With the PersonalJava Runtime Environment, you will be able to run applets and applications written to the appropriate PersonalJava API specification. Check out the PersonalJava Runtime Environment FAQ for the Windows CE 2.11 platform, and also the README file.

    Frequently Asked Questions FAQ categorized by the following topics: General, Consumer Device Development, and Application Development.

    Return to Top Developer Tools
    PersonalJava Emulation Environment Four new versions of the PersonalJava emulation environment based on the 1.2 specification which allow you to test your applet or application.

    JavaCheckTM is a developer tool for testing applications and applets for conformance to the PersonalJava specification.

    JavaTM 2 SDK Download

    Return to Top To develop to the 1.2 Specification, download the latest JavaTM 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.2.x. To develop to the 1.1.x specifications, use the latest JDK 1.1.x. You should also download the PersonalJava compatibility classes.

    Join the Java Developer ConnectionSM!

    Return to Top You can register for free for the Java Developer ConnectionSM program! By registering, you can get access to technical support, discussion forums, online training, technical articles, bug parades, early access code, etc. A must for the ISV.

    Return to Top Platform Support
    Java Platform Engineering Support Find out more about how Sun`s Java Partner Engineering group is assisting customers with embedding the J2ME PersonalJava into their devices. Visit the "Java Partner Engineering" website at:

    Return to Top News & Articles
    Embedded Systems Go Real Time with JavaTM Technology At the 2001 Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco, innovative uses of Java technology showed up in surprising places, leaving no doubt that Java technology is thriving in this arena. Read the story
    Planetweb, Sun Microsystems and Sega Join Forces Planetweb, Sun Microsystems and Sega Join Forces to Bring Java Platform Capabilities to the Consumer Electronic Device Market ( press release, 6/6/00)
    SunTM Engineering Services Cyber Seminar

    SunTM Engineering Services Cyber Seminar: Design Services for Java Technologies
    (original broadcast: April 13, 2000 - registration required)
    If you are building Java technology enabled devices, please check out this cyber seminar to learn how Sun can help you reduce development costs, speed time to market, create better products, and build devices to meet industry standards.

    Sun's .Com Home at CES At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2000, Sun presented the "dot com home", a networked home that showcased JavaTM and JiniTM technologies in a variety of home appliances.
    JavaTM Technology at the Embedded Systems Conference If you missed the Embedded Systems Conference which took place on September 27-30, 1999, you can still read about and see some of the exciting things happening with Java technology at the Sun booth!
    Technical Papers Return to Top - Touchable Look-and-Feel Design Overview
    - TruffleTM Graphical Toolkit Customization Guide
    - PersonalJava Technology White Paper (PDF)
    -Technical Note on memory usage in the PersonalJava 1.1 Application Environment

    Allies of PersonalJava Technology

    The companies immediately listed below have signed license agreements as resellers of PersonalJava technology.

    Duke Star7

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