9281 Placement Information
Due to the number of candidates undertaking the course it is unlikely that there will be sufficient placements for every candidate straight away within the College Basic Skills provision.

Candidates are encouraged to look for their own placements where possible.

The observation and Teaching Placement is intended to provide ICTBS candidates with the opportunity to:

1. Put the information received on the course into context.
2. Observe and evaluate the learning and experience of an individual student.
3. Practise, under direction, the skills learnt throughout the training.
4. Demonstrate competence in teaching one student in a supported situation.

Guidelines for undertaking observation / Teaching placements

If you are undertaking the Initial Certificate in Teaching Basic Skills you will be undertaking observation / teaching placements in 4 - 5 week blocks after the taught part of your course.

You will do 2 placements, but they can be with the same group if both Literacy and Numeracy work is being undertaken.

You are reminded to:

1. Arrive on time for the session.

2. Be prepared to 'muck in' whilst on placement.
Be as helpful to your placement tutor as possible. They should feel that they have a helper in the classroom rather than another student.

3. Relax
Don't be too anxious. If it is your first teaching experience you may well feel nervous and self-conscious, but try your best to relax and put your student at ease as they may feel as awkward as you.

4. Be prepared
You may be lucky - your tutor might know all about the 9281 course requirements and be able to give you support and advice. On the other hand they may not know much about the course at all, in which case it's vital that you know exactly what you need to get out of the session. Review your course requirements thoroughly.