Future development plans

This project is still at a very early stage. Some more of the ideas that I have for it include:

Who is watching?

I have a wife and two kids at home, so the television isn't only used by me.
But I still want to be able to see what I watch, without it looking like I watch CBeebies for a bit every afternoon. :-)
As a first stab at addressing this, my back-end capturing service records the visible bluetooth device IDs for every event it captures. If my phone's bluetooth ID can be seen, then there is a reasonable chance that I am watching the television.
For the moment, I'm only including events which include my phone's ID in the website visualisations.
Eventually, I'm thinking about exposing this as a filter: see everything watched on our TV, see stuff watched when I'm at home, or my wife is at home, or when we're both at home, etc. I also want to try other ways of filtering... perhaps using location services such as Latitude?

Other media types

One of the fields for events captured is the media type. At the moment, there are two possible values: live TV, and watching time-shifted programmes recorded from TV. I want to add support for other media types, such as DVDs and web video such as Google Video and YouTube watched through the television.

Analysing programme contents

At the moment, I'm looking at a fairly limited set of properties of the television programmes that I watch - such as the title, descriptions, broadcast times, channel, and so on.
I'd like to be a little more creative...
What about the soundtrack - such as looking at trends about when I listen to loud programmes versus quiet programmes?
What about the image - such as looking at predominant colours... or how often there is a significant change? Could I tell the difference between editing styles, and look for patterns in this?


Something that uses titles, description, and cast lists to offer recommendations. Ideally even including integration with my HTPC setup to automatically schedule recommended programs for recording

Measuring attention

How I could tell if anyone is paying attention to the television?
It'd be interesting to tell the difference between when the TV is just on in the background and being largely ignored, and when we're attentively watching a programme.

Love it

It'd be interesting to have a way to share when I love a programme that I watched. Something that submits a message to twitter, facebook, etc. ?
Update (10 Jan): made a start on this

Bug fixing

There are still a bunch of bugs to fix in the back-end script that captures TV watching events...
It doesn't notice if we pause TV, so you end up "watching" a half-hour programme for an hour if you leave it paused for 30 mins. So for the moment, I'm trying to remember to use 'STOP' when I go get a coffee instead of 'PAUSE'.
When I watch live TV, the script captures the programme details when I change channel. If I stay on the channel until the start of the next programme, the script isn't smart enough to realise and go and get the next programme's details. So for the moment, I try and remember to change channels in between each programme.


Any other ideas for things I could try?

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