Streams are cold. And wet.

I took a day off work today to help with a Solent Youth Action activity (a chance to use my renewed MIDAS certificate! 😉 ).

We took a group of 11-13 year old kids for a day of stream clearing – pulling out rubbish, clearing weeds, and cutting back overgrown plants. It’s half-term week so it was an all-day activity. They did a great job – it’s impressive what a group of enthusiastic people standing up to their thighs in cold water can do!

Today was a Taster Day – a chance to introduce some young people to volunteering. As the name suggests, Taster Days offer a variety of different activities that young people can try out without needing any long-term commitment. If they enjoy it to want to do more, they get help finding similar activities to do in the future. If not, they can always try something else.

By the end of the day they all seemed to have enjoyed it, and hopefully will think of “volunteering” as something fun that they’ll want to do again.

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