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Setting up trusted SSL for IBM Event Streams

Thursday, October 27th, 2022

A quick how-to for setting up Event Streams with trusted certificates when running a development project.


You’re working on a project using IBM Event Streams. It’s just a development project, so you’re not using an SSL certificate signed by your real, trusted, corporate signer.

Everything works, but…

You get errors like these every time you access the web tooling – which you have to click through.

And you get errors like these from your Kafka client applications – which you have to configure with a custom truststore to avoid (although, if you do need to do that, I have a guide to help!)

[2021-06-27 23:19:06,048] ERROR [Consumer clientId=consumer-dalegrp-1, groupId=dalegrp] Connection to node -1 ( failed authentication due to: SSL handshake failed (org.apache.kafka.clients.NetworkClient)
[2021-06-27 23:19:06,049] WARN [Consumer clientId=consumer-dalegrp-1, groupId=dalegrp] Bootstrap broker (id: -1 rack: null) disconnected (org.apache.kafka.clients.NetworkClient)
[2021-06-27 23:19:06,069] ERROR Error processing message, terminating consumer process:  ($)
org.apache.kafka.common.errors.SslAuthenticationException: SSL handshake failed
Caused by: PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
	at java.base/
	at java.base/
	at java.base/
	at java.base/
	at java.base/$T13CertificateConsumer.checkServerCerts(
	at java.base/$T13CertificateConsumer.onConsumeCertificate(
	at java.base/$T13CertificateConsumer.consume(
	at java.base/
	at java.base/
	at java.base/$DelegatedTask$
	at java.base/$DelegatedTask$
	at java.base/
	at java.base/$


Deploying App Connect Enterprise applications from a CI/CD pipeline

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Sharing an example Tekton pipeline for deploying an IBM App Connect Enterprise application to Red Hat OpenShift.

This post is about a repository I’ve shared on github at dalelane/app-connect-tekton-pipeline. It contains an example of how to use Tekton to create a CI/CD pipeline that builds and deploys an App Connect Enterprise application to Red Hat OpenShift.

The pipeline uses the IBM App Connect Operator to easily build, deploy and manage your applications in containers. The pipeline runs on OpenShift to allow it to easily be integrated into an automated continuous delivery workflow without needing to build anything locally from a developer’s workstation.

For background information about the Operator, and the different types of Kubernetes resources that this pipeline will create (e.g. IntegrationServer and Configuration), see these blog posts:


Take your first step into Event Driven Architectures

Saturday, October 15th, 2022

Introducing an event-driven architecture into your application can seem like a scary task if you’re only used to synchronous and data-centric technologies. But bringing together data-centric and event-centric approaches means that getting started with technologies like Apache Kafka doesn’t need to be as daunting as you might think.

You don’t have to start from a blank page to adopt an event-driven architecture. You don’t have to replace everything that you already have built. With a few small and easy steps, you can start to introduce elements of event-driven approaches into an existing data-centric landscape.

presentation recording on YouTube

In this session, I showed simple approaches for introducing event-driven architecture patterns into an existing application. I demonstrated how to incrementally adopt Apache Kafka, and start getting benefits without needing to immediately build new applications or rebuild existing applications.

My aim for this session was to give practical ideas for how to take your first steps into an event-driven world and start introducing Apache Kafka into an existing data-centric application environment.