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Deploying App Connect Enterprise applications from a CI/CD pipeline

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Sharing an example Tekton pipeline for deploying an IBM App Connect Enterprise application to Red Hat OpenShift.

This post is about a repository I’ve shared on github at dalelane/app-connect-tekton-pipeline. It contains an example of how to use Tekton to create a CI/CD pipeline that builds and deploys an App Connect Enterprise application to Red Hat OpenShift.

The pipeline uses the IBM App Connect Operator to easily build, deploy and manage your applications in containers. The pipeline runs on OpenShift to allow it to easily be integrated into an automated continuous delivery workflow without needing to build anything locally from a developer’s workstation.

For background information about the Operator, and the different types of Kubernetes resources that this pipeline will create (e.g. IntegrationServer and Configuration), see these blog posts:


Connecting App Connect Enterprise to Event Streams

Sunday, June 19th, 2022

Configuring IBM App Connect Enterprise to produce or consume messages from Kafka topics in IBM Event Streams requires careful configuration. In this post, I’ll share the steps I use that help me to avoid missing any required values.

To illustrate this, I’ll create a simple App Connect flow that implements a REST API, where any data I POST to the REST API is sent to a Kafka topic.

The key to getting this to work correctly first time is to make sure that values are accurately copied from Event Streams to App Connect.

To help with this, I use a grid like the one below.

The instructions in this post start with Event Streams, and explain how to populate the grid with the information you need.

Then the instructions will switch to App Connect, and explain how to use the values in the grid to set up your App Connect flow.

What this is Values you will see in my screenshots Your value
A Topic name
B Bootstrap address



C SASL mechanism
D SASL config required;
E Security protocol




F Certificate
G Certificate password
H Username
I Password
J Policy project name
K Policy name
L Security identity name
M Truststore identity name