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What do I share online?

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

I gave a presentation earlier this week which led to a discussion on information that people share online. The general experience from the group was along the lines of “we’ve heard of people who share a lot of information on facebook”, but that was about it.

I talked about some of the other ways that people share information online, and they were very surprised.

I’m guessing that anyone who reads my blog will likely find this less surprising, but I thought that the list we produced during the discussion was worth sharing nevertheless:

Ironically, I don’t use facebook all that much… 🙂


Android Market – a follow-up

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

A month ago, I submitted an app to the Android Market app store for the first time, and shared the experience – from compiling the app to it being live in the Market on people’s phones.

I thought I’d follow this up with a quick post on what happens after your app goes live in the Market.

Again, as before, this is aimed at the idle curiosity of people who use mobile app stores, rather than trying to replace the detailed documentation provided for mobile developers.

Crash reports


My favourite part are the Error Reports. As a developer, you can see when your app crashes on people’s phones. You can see how often it happens, how many people it has affected, and how many times it has happened.

I’ve not had any errors (I’m almost disappointed! 😉 ) so the screenshots on the Android developer’s blog are perhaps a better example. You can see that not only do you get told that an error has happened, but (as these are Java apps) you get the stack trace at the point of the error, telling you exactly where the app crashed.

This should make it a million times easier to debug buggy apps – it’s the sort of functionality that I’ve tried to manually build into apps before, but with Android you get it out-of-the-box. This is awesome.