What do I share online?

I gave a presentation earlier this week which led to a discussion on information that people share online. The general experience from the group was along the lines of “we’ve heard of people who share a lot of information on facebook”, but that was about it.

I talked about some of the other ways that people share information online, and they were very surprised.

I’m guessing that anyone who reads my blog will likely find this less surprising, but I thought that the list we produced during the discussion was worth sharing nevertheless:

Ironically, I don’t use facebook all that much… 🙂

Perhaps the most interesting bit of the discussions were around whether this sort of (to be honest, perhaps slightly aberrant!) behaviour will become the norm, and whether this will consolidate down into a single place or way to store this stuff or whether we’ll continue down the lines of specific services for each type of information to share.

2 Responses to “What do I share online?”

  1. Rashik Parmar says:

    Hi Dale,

    This is a very interesting list of pointers.. I think the question you raise a the end, make me question – given the way we work, will these behaviors be essential for us to build “working relationships” with colleagues. Also, will be be dependent on this approaches to be able to connect to the right people to make us productive? Finally, is this where we see the real decline of the high volume of email.


  2. Dale,
    fascinating blog in general – been raiding it all morning for ideas for my students (software+hardware+web). Will show this post on ‘sharing’ – big eye-opening. Loved the CurrentCost series and hoping to emulate with Netduino (we’re all about .NET).
    Again, thanks for entertaining and informative work.