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Teaching students that machine learning doesn’t always learn what we intend it to

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023

This post was written for a series of stories I wrote to describe student experiences of artificial intelligence and machine learning, that I’ve seen from time I spend volunteering in schools and code clubs.

Some of the best lessons I’ve run have been where a machine learning model did the “wrong” thing. Students learn a lot from seeing an example of machine learning not doing what we want.

Perhaps my favourite example of when something went wrong was a lesson that I did on Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Students make a Scratch project to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. They use their webcam to collect example photos of their hands making the shapes of rock (fist), paper (flat hand), and scissors (two fingers) – and use those photos to train a machine learning model to recognise their hand shapes.

It this particular lesson, the project worked really nicely for nearly all the students. There was one student where things went a little bit wrong.


What I’ll be playing in 2023

Monday, January 2nd, 2023

(To start with, anyway…)

These are my current favourite toys…