RE: When you write to local politicians…

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was impressed with the response I got to my ranty email about one of the more annoying local traditions – having your car wing mirrors broken off on a Friday night.

A quick update – I was surprised to get a posh looking letter on House of Commons headed paper today. It was a letter from my MP enclosing copies of letters written to the Chief Executive of my local council and the Chief Inspector of the local police, and promising to let me know when he gets replies.

Eek. People really shouldn’t take my rants so seriously.

I gotta admit, I liked how the letter took my whiny rant and explained it more formally:

…I have been contacted by a constituent regarding incidents of vandalism that have been taking place to vehicles in The Crescent and Archers Road area of Eastleigh.

My constituent states that these are deliberate incidents of antisocial and criminal behaviour which usually happen on a Friday and Saturday night and probably by individuals on their way home from the pubs and clubs.

My constituent further states that these incidents are becoming more frequent, the most recent of which took place on 16 February, when several cars had either one or both of their mirrors smashed or broken off…

It’s all true, yet somehow sounds more serious when told by someone with the ability to write coherent English. 🙂

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