T-Mobile Ameos kill tube tickets

I keep my PDA in my inside jacket pocket – so I can get to it quickly. For the same reason, I keep other things there that I need to grab in a hurry.

Like London Underground Travelcards.

Apparently they don’t work so well after sitting next to to T-Mobile Ameo PDAs. Or, to be more precise, the ridiculously strong magnet that is in the base of the Ameo to hold the screen to the keyboard. (See this animation if you are curious about how this works).

I ended up having to ask the nice Underground staff to let me through manually at every station I went through for the rest of the day, because my ticket was trashed.


Slightly worryingly, I had my credit card in there, too. I’m guessing that is probably trashed now as well. (So far, all the shops I’ve used it in since have used the chip rather than the magnetic strip, so I don’t know for sure.)

Lesson of the day – keep my PDA away from magnetic strips… 🙂

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