Help choose a brand to promote science to young people

I’ve mentioned ‘v‘ before – the independent charity that took over the running of Millennium Volunteers project from DfES (and therefore now one of our biggest funders). I’ve also mentioned that I’m not the biggest fan of the ‘v’ brand – aside from being almost impossible to search for, they tend to stick ‘v’ before everything which I find a little clunky.

The branding was created by Love Creative – a design agency in Manchester. (v is currently on page 22 of their portfolio). They’ve done a lot of other high profile work, including work for Red Nose Day, Nike and Umbro.

I mention them because I notice that they’re doing another bit of work, this time for the Science Council, developing a website for young people to promote science education. They’ve come up with six possible names:

  • i can morph
  • we go boing
  • beep
  • made from science
  • bleep
  • ?f

They’re currently running a vote at to help choose the name.

My personal favourite is “Made from science”, but if you want to have your say in the branding used to help encourage the next generation of scientists, then go vote now! 🙂

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