Why I go to barcamps

Last week, I went to BarCamp London. As always, it was a great weekend.

If you’ve not been to something like this before, the idea is that it’s a conference where each attendee contributes a session. There’s no real theme – just talk about something interesting.

You end up with an agenda made up of the interests, hobbies and skills of the random collection of people who managed to get a ticket. It makes for a more varied and eclectic agenda then you get from a traditionally organised conference.

Some of the talks that I went to included:

To be fair, as a range of talks, a lot of them are quite geeky. But that says more about my choices than the range available. There were also talks on:

And loads, loads more.

Why do I go to barcamps? Because it’s fascinating. It’s a way to get exposed to more new things, ideas and projects than you could normally cram into a weekend. And I love that it works because you get such a varied and interesting group of people into one place, and encourage them to share what they know.

If you’ve not been to a barcamp before, you should give it a go. And BarCamp London is one of the best.

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