Local authorities will have to find stuff for kids to do

How many times do you hear the argument that young people “get up to no good” because they’re bored, and there’s “nothing to do”?

The “Education and Inspections Bill” hopes to change that. From January, education authorities will have a duty to make sure that young people in their area have sufficient “positive leisure-time activities”.

It includes provisions not only to make sure that enough activities are available, but that young people’s views are taken into account. A pot of money has been set aside to help pay for the creation and promotion of activities and facilities.

I like the idea – I wonder if we’ll see a difference?

There is some mention of getting help to develop and deliver activities:

… a local education authority may assist others in the provision of such facilities … [and] organisation of such activities; [and] the assistance … may include the provision of financial assistance; (ref)

It will be interesting to see if local authorities work with youth charities on this. A holistic approach for young people where education and activities to contribute to their local community are developed together sounds like a good thing to me.

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