My office “pet”

I have a first-floor office by a large window. On the outside of the window is a wide ledge. And a few weeks ago, a couple of pigeons started assembling a nest of twigs on the ledge by my desk.

A couple of days later, she laid an egg!

A week later, there was a second egg.

Sadly I didn’t see the eggs hatch, but this week two baby pigeons joined the nest.–eoCYF_tM

They are very cute. For the first day or two, they didn’t seem to have the strength to even hold up their own heads and just flopped around in the nest.

It’s been fascinating to watch them grow this week.

I particularly enjoy feeding time.

I’ve not had this close a view of a wild animal over such a long time – I’m still kind of amazed that the pigeons are happy to make their home just next to my desk!

Update (Sep 18th):

I got back after a week away to find that the pigeon babies are growing up fast!

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