Wii is region-locked

My copy of Elebits for the Wii arrived today. I’ve been looking forward to it arriving for ages, as it looks amazing. But, it doesn’t work.

I ordered it from MovieTyme, and what I didn’t realise is that Wii’s are region-locked and cannot play imported games. 🙁

If I’d thought to check, it isn’t hard to find out that Wii’s are region-locked. A quick Google uncovers plenty of articles – albeit with some confusion before launch date. But I didn’t think to check.

The warning on the MovieTyme product page:

Please note: To play most DVDs off this site you will require a modified multi region DVD player.
Unless clearly stated otherwise, all R1 DVDs sold will not have bi-lingual (French / English) text on the packaging.”

seems to be a standard part of their page template – it appears on every product page on their site. So it wasn’t written specifically as a warning for this product, and didn’t seem relevant to a game (non-DVD film) product. I’ve bought most of my Nintendo DS games from this site (each of which had the same warning) and never had any problems.

I didn’t think that there’d be a problem – I just bought a game from the place where I normally buy my games. Whoops.

Anyone want to buy a US copy of Elebits? 😉

Update 18/01: Just got a reply to an email I sent to MovieTyme saying that they will accept the game back in return for credit to use on something else. Yay for them. 🙂

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