Sony can work together

Finally got round to seeing the ‘new’ (Sony Pictures) Bond film, Casino Royale, last night. It was pretty good, although I couldn’t help thinking that when it gets released on DVD, it’ll make a great drinking game. Drink every time a Sony product makes it’s way into a scene, and you’ll have a fun evening.

Not just in the most obvious ways, either: like every character in the film having a Sony Ericsson phone, or all computers being Vaio laptops, or pictures taken with Sony digital cameras. Even opportunities you think they might have missed were used for a bit of Sony product placement – like security guards recording CCTV footage onto Sony-branded blank CD media.

I guess we should be impressed – nice to see that the different bits of Sony can work together!

2 Responses to “Sony can work together”

  1. Nitin says:

    Sony aside, there was also the Ford Mondeo and the Omega watch (not a Rolex!) 🙂

  2. dale says:

    true 🙂

    btw – hi Nitin, long time no see!