RE: What will happen to Millennium Volunteers?

See this post from last October for background. To sum up, it talks about the future of Millennium Volunteers, a government programme which we deliver in Solent Youth Action. In particular, wondering about the future of the scheme.

I heard an update about this today in a statement issued from the Cabinet Office:

As an Millennium Volunteers (MV) delivery partner you are aware that the management of the MV programme is transferring from DfES to the Cabinet Office from 1st April 2007 … The funding for this period is secure and the MV programme will be funded in its current form until 30th September 2007.

The Cabinet Office wishes v to take on management of the programme from 1st April 2007 as recommended by the Russell Commission. We wanted to update you on the discussions that are currently taking place regarding this suggestion.

At this time the Cabinet Office can only guarantee funding for MV up to March 2008 because the Comprehensive Spending Review 2007 will determine funding from April 2008 to March 2011.

As an independent charity v needs greater reassurances about the future funding and sustainability of a national programme, and the Cabinet Office wants to ensure that there is long term funding in place for the renewed programme beyond March 2008.

The Cabinet Office is currently working with HM Treasury to seek a funding commitment for the national programme beyond March 2008. All parties are working hard to resolve this as a matter of urgency….

So, not really much in the way of details. Still, it does sound like v (do I really have to call them that?) are trying to get some sort of commitment to Millennium Volunteers, which is promising.

As I said before, Millennium Volunteers is our biggest source of funding – so the future of this could have a big impact on us. This is true of many projects around the country, so there will be a lot of people watching this space for more details to come.

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