This Week

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front – both here and on the WMQ one – this week. I thought it’d be interesting to touch base by explaining why I’ve been busy.

This week I:

  • Finally made the difficult decision over whether to federate our school with another local school
    In a long meeting between us and the governors from the other school, we came together, reviewed the results of the various consultations, and argued out the pros and cons of the proposal. It’s strange not to have more to show for work that needed a lot of time and consideration – this will be a big change to the future of both schools.
  • Worked ‘Mission Pay’ on some WMQ stuff
    Our slightly odd approach to overtime, essentially – when there is a lot to do we get paid extra to finish stuff in the evenings.
  • Met with the other trustees for Solent Youth Action
    Our regular monthly meeting – discussed a bunch of stuff, including our action plan for dealing with staff pregnancies and a trial of a new project we want to try
  • Met with the manager of OTL – the mentoring programme that I am a mentor with
    The meeting was a review of how the last few months have gone, and think about plans for the next few months
  • Went to see a friend in a brilliant production of King Lear
  • Added a bunch of new features to the database we use at Solent Youth Action
    Needed to take some time off work to do this – trying to add features to our homegrown PHP/MySQL database to make our administrator’s lives a little easier!
  • Set up a way to do Mail Merge from Microsoft Word using data from Solent Youth Action‘s MySQL database
    Actually, this one might be worth a separate post – as it was a massive pain to get this to work
  • Worked on the School Profile for my school
    I mentioned this on Monday – it’s still ongoing
  • Made some changes to my Windows Mobile wiki app to allow people to disable a feature I added a couple of weeks ago
    It seemed to split users down the middle, with half of the emails I got saying thanks for the new feature, and the other half berating me for breaking their existing pages! Whoops.
  • Worked on what I hoped would be a new SupportPac for WMQ
    Then found out that someone else (third-party company) has already done it. Damn.
  • Finally found a babysitter!
    Up until now, we’ve been using friends and family as babysitters for Grace. But that’s been getting harder recently, so it was finally the time to take the plunge and find a paid babysitter. Slightly nervewracking, but she comes recommended from a colleague at work, so I’m sure it will be fine!
  • And work
    Good to do some stuff that I get paid for every now and then. 😉 But we’re pretty busy at the mo.

Right – excuses over. Back to work!

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  1. dale says:

    By the way, before anyone says what a rubbish husband I am – I did take last night off! 🙂