When WordPress make changes

WordPress made a change to the WebSphere MQ blog this week which screwed up a bunch of my posts. Yesterday morning I had a few people at work point out that code samples in posts (text surrounded in <pre><code> tags) were being chopped in half – the lines truncated at the point where they went off the edge of the column that they were in.

This included a post which I had only written the night before! It looked fine when I checked it before I went to bed, and then the first email I got at 6.40am the next morning was a message from Nigel to say that he couldn’t read the samples properly. Grrr.

To their credit, WordPress did respond to my query pretty quickly, and helped me get it fixed. They had changed the CSS stylesheet used on the blog to add overflow: hidden “…so that images and such so not flow into the sidebar and cause problems there….”.

For $15 a year, you can unlock the Custom CSS page, and change it back. The fix:

#primary {

and now our code lines are readable again. Yay.

One Response to “When WordPress make changes”

  1. very reassuring to hear that wordpress replied right away. i must say that i’m still freaked out by the fact that an organization that’s so important to my business can only be reached via a forum. so it’s always good to see when people have good experiences with that.