Fun with estate agents

We’re moving to Basingstoke, so we’re now going through the joy that is house-hunting.

Since we started, it has kind of felt like my phone hasn’t stopped ringing with estate agents wanting something, but today has been a special kind of joy. 🙂

Estate agent 1 – Phoned to get feedback on what we thought of a house after a viewing. Sounds like a reasonable question, except that we haven’t been to see that house yet. (And she is the one who is going to be showing us round that house later this week.)

Estate agent 2 – Rang to ask for details for their file, like my name, address, budget, areas we are interested in, etc. Basically the same conversation that I had with a colleague of hers on Friday, except they seem to have lost any record of that.

Estate agent 3 – Phoned to ask what we thought of a house that we went to view last night.

Estate agent 4 – Phoned to ask for post-viewing feedback on a house that we’ve never heard of. When I said that we hadn’t been given any information about that house, let alone been given a date/time to visit, he explained that they hadn’t given us the viewing date/time in the end because the house was taken off the market last week. So, he apparently was ringing to ask what we thought of a house no longer on sale which we had never heard of. Brilliant.

Estate agent 5 – A colleague of estate agent 3. Phoned to ask what we thought of the same house that I spoke to estate agent 3 about. Asked the same questions. I gave the same answers.

Estate agent 6 – Phoned to tell me about a house that has recently come on the market which he felt sure would meet our needs. He didn’t seem to realise that not only had they already told us about this house, but that one of his colleagues had showed us round the house last night.

So it’s going well so far 🙂

One Response to “Fun with estate agents”

  1. Hippy says:

    Wow, I thought I had it bad. Trying to buy ourselves at the moment so getting lots of calls. Non from agents as confused as these though. If the estate agents are anything to go by, are you sure Basingstoke is going to be right for you?