Windows Mobile has a ‘Run…’ dialog

screenshot of the Run dialogThis is quite neat. I often use the “Run…” dialog on Windows (press the Windows Key + ‘R’ at the same time) as a quick way to launch apps or open documents without needing the mouse. But I never realised that Windows Mobile has the same thing too.

From here you can type in the name of a program or document in your path (e.g. iexplore to launch PIE) or give the full path of an app to run.

It also means you can give command-line arguments to programs – which is something I’ve wanted to do before.

screenshot of the Run dialogTo show the Run dialog, tap-and-hold on the clock in the taskbar while holding down the centre of your D-pad button, and you get a little context menu with “Run” and “Clock”.

Choose “Run”.

I’m not sure how much I’m gonna use this (the nice thing about the normal Windows Run dialog is that you can launch it so quickly from the keyboard – the whole get-out-your-stylus-and-hold-down-here while also holding-down-this-button malarkey seems a little convoluted for my tastes). But it’s still neat to know that it’s there. 🙂

Note: I came across this on an MSDN post by Chris Fairbairn, which led me to his blog which looks like it might be worth a try.

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