Club World… an example of trust working?

I’m sat in the departure lounge at Heathrow, waiting for my flight. Through sheer dumb luck, I managed to blag a business class “Club World” flight. (no economy class seats available at this late notice). So I’m sat in the posh lounge bit for the wealthy types, which is all new to me, and very nice.

I’m feeling very relaxed. 🙂

I’ve been trying to figure out why, and I think the reason (and the value proposition behind the Club World experience – although I’ve not seen it marketed like this) is all about trust. The difference between this and the facilities available to economy class passengers is that they trust you…

There is a well stocked bar – all sorts of wines, beers and spirits, and a counter with all types of hot and cold breakfast foods. Unattended. Complimentary. You just help yourself.

Presumably there is someone keeping an eye that noone is gonna start drinking all the beer in sight, but if so, they’re quite subtle about it. 🙂

(Maybe it’s just what’s left of the student in me that is finding that bit so exciting? 😉 )

The big screen TV in the corner is on some satellite channel, but if you want to change the channel or adjust the volume, the remote control is just next to it. And not some crippled, limited-function substitute, but the actual remote.

They trust that we will use this responsibly.

The taps in the toilet are proper taps, not the ones that need some sort of contortion act to hold them on while you try and wash your hands in a seconds’ burst of water.

They trust that we will not leave the taps running, or try and flood the place or whatever.

There are Windows PCs left open, with Internet access and Microsoft Office installed if you want to work.

It’s lots of little things like that… that all adds up to a feeling that you are trusted and welcome. We don’t get trusted this much at work! Feels more like being in someone’s home, than in a public place.

The only slightly tricky bit is getting in in the first place, getting past the security at the door. Presumably they feel that if any old riff-raff could get access to this sort of thing, that they’d abuse it, trash it, or in some way spoil it for the rest of us. They’re probably right.

So why doesn’t it happen with this lot? Why are the other passengers around me taking such care to keep this place looking neat and tidy? Why is noone going nuts and helping themselves to pint after pint of beer? (Okay, because it’s 10am… to something else then)

Because we paid more? I don’t think so… if that was the mentality, then people would probably think that they’re entitled to make a mess because they’ve paid for this and for someone to clean it up.

I think it’s the whole trust thing – I think it engenders a positive reaction in response. But then I’m a crazy hippie so what do I know?

Right, time to go get myself a second breakfast… 😉

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