Looks like we have competition…

I’ve mentioned v (the independent charity and grant-provider that took over the running of Millennium Volunteers from DfES) a few times before, as they’ve grown out of the Russell Commission recommendations to a major figure in youth volunteering.

Last week, we submitted our funding bids to v – four separate bids totalling over £1.7million over three years. Nothing much to do now but wait for the next stage of the selection process on 10th September.

But I was reading this morning that we apparently have a lot of competition.

The youth volunteering charity v has received nearly 800 expressions of interest from organisations that want to apply for shares of the £70m funding available through its new National Youth Volunteering Programme.


Still, I think we have submitted strong bids, in consortium with other local providers, so I am hopeful.

One Response to “Looks like we have competition…”

  1. dale says:


    v have put all four of our funding bids through to the next round – yay! 🙂