We need a personal Twitter glossary

Something Luis Suarez said on Twitter last week got me thinking. I tweeted back at the time, but thought the idea was worth fleshing out.

We need a Twitter glossary. My tweets stand a chance of making sense to people who know me, or have been following me for a while, but to anyone else? Perhaps not. But with only 140 characters, I haven’t got the space to put everything in context in every tweet.

What I want is an up-front way of defining a list of terms that I am likely to use often in the future. For each term, I could give a definition – a description that could be used in a tool-tip when you hover over the word in a tweet, and/or a URL to a page with more info if you click on it.

For example, instead of a tweet like:

Gotta take Grace with me to a SYA meeting tonight

it might be useful if the tweet showed up on the twitter webpage like this:

Gotta take Grace with me to a SYA meeting tonight

4 Responses to “We need a personal Twitter glossary”

  1. andyp says:

    Isn’t this like hashtags?

  2. dale says:

    I’m not sure… I never really got what hashtags was about.

    I don’t think so, though – I’m talking about a more personal, rather than community, tagging. For example, the word “Grace” will mean something different when I say it to when someone else does. Aggregating on tweets including “Grace” made by the Twitter community isn’t really going to add much for this sort of thing.

  3. Chris Dalby says:

    I hear your point and think it is an interesting idea. I have struggled with the idea of what to do with my tweets. Do I display them on my blog, or are they more a public personal dialog with the twitter community? I still haven’t made my mind up.

    I’m not using my twitter rss to feed into anything else. Mainly because it only makes sense to my twitter community and would be lost in my Facebook newsfeed for example. So I have been lost what to do with them.

    For the time being they are just going out to the twitter community. If people get my tweets then great. That comes with time and getting to know your twitter community.

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