Making a voicebox

I didn’t really know what a voicebox was beyond knowing that Ned on South Park used one.

But it’s half-term week, so Grace and I tried to make our own out of straws, tape and a balloon. And it sort of worked!

Here’s how it worked…

We started about playing with straws. You know how if you cut the end of a drinking straw into a reed, you can make it into an instrument?

By experimenting with different lengths of straw, we changed the note made by the straw. (You’d be surprised how much time we spent playing with this 🙂 )

Joining a couple of straws together made it even longer, and the pitch even lower.

Taking that idea to an extreme, we daisy-chained a bunch of straws together to make the note so low it was just a vibration.

We put a balloon over the end of the reed, and blew it up through the straw. This gave us a bag of air that would blow steadily through the reed.

making a voicebox

This was our basic voice box, creating a constant buzz through the end of the straw that we could shape into sounds in our mouth.

It was fun. Big thanks to for the idea.

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