XBox Live anyone?

I’ve twittered this already, but for those people not following the inane minutiae of my life, here is another call.

I got an XBox 360 for my birthday (woot!) and am really getting into XBox Live games. If you know me and play on XBox Live, feel free to add me as a friend. My gamertag is dalelane.

And don’t be surprised if I become massively unproductive for the next few weeks…

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4 Responses to “XBox Live anyone?”

  1. Nico says:

    I couldn’t find a better place to contact you, so here’s a comment in a random post 😛

    Is that “My web profiles” on your sidebar custom-hand made, or a plugin? 🙂

  2. dale says:

    It’s hand-made… just a chunk of hand-written HTML with some png images.

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  4. Javadog says:


    Added you as a friend on XBox Live (J4v4d0g). Being a fellow mobile device developer and XBox fan I thought I would add you, although I don’t do too much Live stuff and our timezones might make playing a bit tricky 🙂