The office Doctors

It started with a Christmas present: a set of LEGO-but-not-real-LEGO Doctor Who figures. They ended up in my office to help keep me company.

When I am trying to figure something out, I absent-mindedly fiddle with one of the figures, and normally end up leaving him on my MacBook as a good luck charm as I code.

Doctor debugger
“Doctor debugger”

When I’m very stuck, a second or third Doctor join in, too.

The number of Doctors on my MacBook has ended up becoming a sign of how implementing any particular line item is going.

By the time my MacBook looks like this, it means I have no earthly idea how to get some bit of code working.

They're more help than you'd think
“They’re more help then you’d think”

Where it started getting silly was when Grace made me a toilet roll lobster for my office. I wanted to send her a photo to show her it on my desk, but to make it interesting I ended up sending her this.

Doctor lobster massacre
“Doctor lobster massacre”

The lobster had gone on a mad rampage and attacked all the Doctors.

From there, things got a little out of hand.

Like when I discovered that nine out of ten Doctors prefer the taste of Coca-Cola.

Nine out of ten Doctors prefer the taste of Coke
“Nine out of ten Doctors prefer the taste of Coke”

It goes without saying really. Coke is clearly superior. Only the grumpy Doctor likes Pepsi.

Sometimes they have meetings to discuss who should be the next Doctor.

Who should be next?
“Who should be next?”

Now they help with the USB keys.


The Tenth Doctor fell into one of my coffee jars and needed to be fished out.


Fortunately it was only the decaf coffee, so I didn’t have any other need for it.

Normally when they get in trouble, they help each other out.


A stack of post-it notes makes for a good climbing wall.

ClimbingNear the top

And sometimes things just get weird.

Mirror Mirror
“Mirror, Mirror”

The Doctor pictures all end up on flickr, and there will probably be more to come.

And believe it or not, I do actually do some work in the office, too. 🙂


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