Working in the USA

US tripWe’re in America!

We’ve been here for a few weeks now, so I thought I should let you know how we all are in case you’re missing us.

We’re staying in Westford, which is sort of near to Boston, Massachusetts.

I’ve been spending most of my time here – the IBM Mass Lab near Littleton.

US trip

US tripIn between the many, many, (many!) meetings you might even be able to find me here.

We’ve done a lot of travelling.

US trip We’ve been on trains.

US trip We’ve been on buses.

US trip We’ve been on boats.

US trip We’ve been on subways.

US trip And we’ve driven to a lot of places, too.

I’ve even started to get the hang of driving on the wrong side of the road.

Most of the time.

US trip Some road signs still confuse me though.

We’ve found lots of places around here with familiar sounding names, like Winchester, Andover, Reading, Manchester, Gloucester, Tewksbury, Marlborough, and lots more. It feels strange to see them!

US trip

We’ve met animals. Some of them were in water.

US tripUS trip
US tripUS trip

Some of them were on land.

US trip

We’ve made some other friends, too.

Some of them serious and historical.

US tripUS tripUS tripUS trip

Some of them were a little more colourful.

US tripUS trip
US tripUS trip

It’s been hot.

US tripUS trip

But there are ways to cool down.

US tripUS trip
US tripUS trip
US tripUS tripUS trip

US trip These outdoor fountains are awesome.

We’ve been up high.

US tripUS trip

And we’ve been down low.

US trip

We’ve tried to learn some of the history.

US tripUS trip
US tripUS trip

We’ve explored some of America’s Great Outdoors.

US tripUS trip

And there has been running. A lot of running.

US tripUS trip

There has been food.


So much food.

US tripUS tripUS tripUS trip

And it’s generally huge.

US tripUS trip

US trip

Anything with a screen or a button has been pressed.

US tripUS trip

And we’ve done random stuff like be guinea pigs for some Harvard researchers.

US trip

And find massive sandcastles in the street.

US trip

We’ve spent most of the time around Boston, but we’ve also ventured further afield. Last weekend we went to New York!

US tripWe had to visit the Statue of Liberty.

US tripWe sat on it!

Well… a replica of a bit of it.

US tripWe went inside it.

US tripAnd we… erm… leant on it.

And that’s just the real one. We found others.

US tripUS trip

Obviously, as knowledgable travellers, we visited all of the lesser known out-of-the-way sights, like Times Square.

US tripUS trip

US tripUS trip

And Central Park.

US tripUS tripUS tripUS tripUS tripUS trip

Inevitably, travelling with three girls, I got dragged around the shops.

We found Hello Kitty. And all the Barbies.

US tripUS trip

We spent hours in Toys R Us. It felt like days.

US tripUS trip

And we found chocolate shops.

US tripUS trip

If you think there’s been a lot of photos in this post, you’ve seen nothing yet. We’ve taken a couple of thousand photos since we’ve been here.

I think it’s starting to affect them.

US tripUS trip

They’re looking a little bonkers. Although this may just be to get me to stop.

US trip

Anyway, you get the general idea.

I’m working lots, Amy and the girls are seeing the sights.

We’re here for another few weeks, so I suspect I’ll have more photos to inflict on you all soon.

5 Responses to “Working in the USA”

  1. Darren says:

    Everything apart from your desk looks amazing. Eastleigh is going to seem a little bit bit mundane after this – you’ll never get them back on the plane.

  2. dale says:

    I did consider a post just on what I’ve been up to.

    “Here is a meeting room. This one is green. Here is another meeting room. This one is orange.

    This is a meeting with users. This is a meeting with colleagues.”

    Fortunately, Amy and the girls take photos that make for a better post after they drop me off each morning. 🙂

  3. Dave Nice says:

    Cracking photos, looks like you’re having a great time. You must be knackered!


  4. Varun says:

    I have been following your blog , every since I refered it for a push notification based project of mine(MQTT) based.

    Delighted to see that you are enjoying our country USA. You might find people as over friendly 🙂
    Pretty charming pictures.

    Nvidia, Santa Clara, CA.

  5. dale says:

    Thanks! (And I’m glad the MQTT stuff helped… I’ve not played with that for a while!)

    Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming here, it’s been lovely. People in England are friendly, too, but we’re normally more reserved about it 😉