Arranging meetings is easier with Doodle

I seem to spend a lot of evenings in meetings. Annoyingly, this also involves spending far too much time trying to work out when is a good time to have meetings. It can be SYA, or Norwood, or Sams, OTL or whatever – but it always involves a bunch of people with different jobs, different commitments, and diaries stored in different ways, trying to find a time when we’re all free.

So, when I read about a neat web-based tool to arrange meetings on 43folders today, I kicked myself for not thinking of this myself.

Doodle is simple, but brilliant. The person scheduling the meeting goes to and puts in a description of a meeting, and list of dates/times that they could make. This gives a link which you can email to anyone else you want to invite to the meeting. They then visit the page, and tick the times that suit them. The page aggregates the responses, and gives you a quick visual way to see the best time.

I love it.

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