WebSphere MQ is out today

Just heard that we’ve (finally!) released refresh pack for WebSphere MQ V6.

As a service engineer for WMQ, this is something that I’d be interested in anyway. But isn’t just any old bunch of fixes. Refresh Pack is the new-ish term that we use when referring to maintenance which is not only bug fixes, but also some new functionality. And one of the biggest bits of functionality in is the inclusion of my WMQ Healthcheck (now called ‘Tests’, I think) – into the product for everyone!

Healthcheck was originally something I wrote as a SupportPac (downloadable freeware add-ons that we give away on ibm.com) last year. The idea was to extend the ability of the graphical toolset provided with WebSphere MQ by adding the ability to examine a customer’s WMQ configuration – looking for potential problems and making recommendations.

As a SupportPac, customers will have had to go to www.ibm.com and download and install it manually. From today, it is automatically included and installed with the latest recommended updates. This sorta thing – enhancements to the usability of WMQ – is generally well-received by customers, and I’m really pleased to see that my spare time that went into writing the SupportPac will make a difference.

Although there’s a fair amount of my code still in there, I can’t take all the credit for what is going out in WMQ Development have done a great job overhauling my (admittedly fairly clunky) interface, producing a much more Eclipse-centric approach which is very sweet. I think they’ve also rearranged how new tests can be added, so if I get a chance next week, I’ll have to have a go at writing a new custom test and see how it works.

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  1. andyp says:

    Commenting on your older posts, since I only just found your blog! Get yourself on the blogroll

    I for one think think that this is a great addition, and the other SupportPacs which add plugins to MQ Explorer are fantastic too. You definitely deserve a lot of credit for the original release, and it is good to see it being rolled into the product. I admit that I’d missed that it was part of the refresh pack.