A night at the museum

I shared this at the time on twitter, and then went off on holiday. Now we’re back, I thought it’s worth sharing a little more.

I took Grace and Faith to the Natural History Museum in London, and we had a sleepover! It’s something they do for kids aged 7-11, called Dino Snores for Kids.

It starts early in the evening, with a series of activities around the Museum.

If you want to know what it’s like to be in a Museum full of kids doing a treasure hunt trail around a museum in the dark with torches, I’ve got a video that might help.

Video 1

I’m not going to win any prizes for camera work, but in my defence it was dark and I couldn’t really see where I was going 🙂

I’ve got a few videos like this but you get the general idea. It was loud and fun and exciting. The kids loved it.

Actually… one more video – just because Grace walking into a wall at 00:32 in this one makes me laugh. 🙂

Video 2

This particular activity was in the Dinosaur hall. The best bit was probably when we turned a corner to find a roaring animatronic T-Rex. We didn’t know that was coming. And in the dark, it makes quite an impact.

Grace jumped out of her skin. Faith laughed her head off. (Faith is a strange child).

Video 3

It wasn’t all running around in the dark though.

For example, they got to decorate T-shirts as part of learning about how paleontologists work out what dinosaurs looked like.


You can see more detail about the activities on the Museum website.

It all came to an end around midnight, and we went back to Hintze Hall to get ready for our sleepover.


They did turn the lights off, but I don’t have any photos from then. I think I was as tired as the kids!


(That’s a shame actually… Hintze Hall looks amazing in the dark)

The next morning, after a little breakfast and some much-needed coffee, we were free to explore the rest of the Museum – so we got to see some of the other bits of the museum not included in the evening activities.

We had a great night, and I hope it’s an evening that Grace and Faith won’t forget for a while!


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