Machine learning workshop for school teachers

This week I ran a remote workshop for school teachers about machine learning and artificial intelligence. It was organised with University College London as part of a series of activities they are running to celebrate the CS Expo: 40+ years of UCL Computer Science.

It was quite a long session, as we wanted it to be a hands-on practical CPD (Continuing Professional Development) workshop rather than just me giving a short talk. In the 90-minute workshop, we made two separate AI projects, which was a chance to see and contrast a few different approaches.

I’m still finding online remote workshops very challenging to run – it’s hard to pace things when you can’t see people’s reactions, and despite saying that I’d answer questions at the end I was continually distracted by answering questions I saw pop up in the Chat. But it is still fun. I got some really interesting questions, and it was satisfying to see how many teachers managed to make working projects.

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