IBM blogging

After some encouragement from Andy and others, I’ve written my first post for my new internal IBM blog. If you work for IBM you can see it on BlogCentral. If you don’t, you… can’t. I’m not planning on getting rid of this blog, but I might post a little less often. This way I have a place to write if I want to talk about my day job.

While I’m talking about blogging and IBM websites, I’ve now been added to the IBMers’ blogs list on If you’ve come from there, welcome! (Unless you’re one of the dozens of comment-spammers who now seem to have found me through the link there, in which case – please go away! :-))

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  1. […] I started an internal blog on the work intranet a couple of weeks ago. Two weeks later, I’ve finally got round to writing a second post. I’m not sure why I’ve found it harder to keep up a second blog – I guess part of it is that it’s harder to access the intranet one from home, and I can’t post from my phone. I’m going to try and write another post soon, though. […]