Asking for money online

At our last trustees meeting, we decided to give Justgiving a try to raise money for Solent Youth Action. Our page has now gone live:

Justgiving provides us with an online fundraising system. It’s a way for people to donate money to us electronically, without us needing to worry about the implications of collecting and processing credit card information. There are fees involved (they’re not a charity themselves, so they naturally need to make money), but we’ve looked into it and think that the fees seem reasonable for what they do.

Interestingly, the card processing fees vary depending on card type. It makes sense that different companies will have different charges – but I’d not thought before that when I do my shopping, it makes an (albeit small) difference to the supermarkets bottom line whether I use my Visa or my Mastercard.

There is a monthly fee to us for our account with them:

£15 a month + VAT (rolling annual membership by direct debit)

Whether or not it’s worth it for us to keep our account with Justgiving will depend on whether we receive enough donations to at least cover their monthly fees. We’ll see how it goes – it’s worth a try.

And if anyone wants to help get us started with a small donation, please feel free! 😉

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