Woke up. Still feeling awful. Am off work today and planning to spend the day in bed.

I’m writing this on my phone from bed, but even so there’s probably something deeply wrong about wanting to write a post about being ill. I guess manflu just isn’t manflu if you don’t go looking for sympathy.

My phone is diverting calls straight to voicemail. The text message alert is silenced so messages will be collected for when I can be bothered to read them. The Blackberry-style feature on my phone is off so emails will also be collected silently until I am better. An alarm is set so if I’m still asleep when I need to go collect Grace from nursery, it will wake me up. And in a minute, I’m gonna start the phone playing some mp3s quietly to help me get back to sleep.

It’s kinda interesting that technology that is normally all about keeping me connected and in touch, is today working to keep me isolated and keep the rest of the world away so I can focus on lying in bed and feeling sorry for myself. Technology is good.

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