Lotus Sametime support for Google Talk

I’m starting to feel a bit better after my recent bout of manflu. So time to catch up on what I’ve been missing for the last few days!

With an RSS reader that has been quietly collecting enough stuff to keep me reading all day, I thought I’d start by just skimming the headlines. One that jumped out at me was “Chatting with Lotus Sametime” on the official Google blog.

The new version of Lotus Sametime (IBM’s instant messaging service which we use at work) will support xmpp – an open standard which will let it interact with other xmpp-compliant services like Google Talk. As someone who uses Google Talk to keep in touch with people I know outside work, I like the idea of having a single client which I can use both to talk to IBMers on the intranet and friends on the Internet.

I’ve been using the new version of Sametime at work for a little while now – hopefully we’ll be getting the “IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway” (which allows Sametime to connect with AIM, Google Talk and Yahoo! Messenger) soon.

One Response to “Lotus Sametime support for Google Talk”

  1. Pavan Kanakagiri says:


    I am equally excited to know that I can now communicate with my colleagues and friends at office who are using Same Time, from home.

    But I’m not in a position to figure out how I can configure Google Talk to chat with same time users.

    Would really appreciate if I get to know that.

    Awaiting your mail.

    Thank you,