manflu – more whinging

Feel terrible. Some symptoms I can understand – headaches? Fair enough, I’m ill. Stomach aches – again, I can live with that. Sweating, dizzy – it’s all bad, but part of the being-ill thing. But my right armpit really hurts. What’s that all about?

Raided the medicine cupboard. Found some ‘paracetamol plus’ – paracetamol plus caffeine. Caffeine? I don’t wanna stay awake, I want something to knock me out and make me better while I sleep.

Found some ‘Night Nurse’ so gave that a try. Ohmygod, it’s horrible. How can anything this foul be good for me?

2 Responses to “manflu – more whinging”

  1. Ollie says:

    Question is though, are you actually ill enough to not play your Wii when it turns up?

  2. dale says:

    that is the very definition of ill, isn’t it? 🙂

    yeah, the Wii is still in it’s box, unopened. being ill sucks 🙁