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Feeling sorry for the Kindle (or “eReader rocks”)

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Using the HTC Advantage as an eBook readerBefore Christmas, Amazon brought out a new device – an eBook reader called the Kindle. And, it seemed like the blogosphere pretty much lined up to take turns bashing it.

A shame, really. Because I was quite excited by the whole thing.

I’ve been a fan of eBooks for years now, but they’ve never seemed to have very wide appeal. And with a company as big and mainstream as Amazon pushing them now, I thought this might be time that someone took the case for eBooks to the masses.

Doesn’t seem to be working too well, so far.

Other than what I’ve read in reviews, I don’t know the actual device itself. But some of the features look similar to what I use already, and I’m surprised more positive stuff isn’t being said about them.

So I thought I’d use my first attempt at a video(-ish) blog post to make the case for eBooks, looking at one of my favourites of the Kindle’s features as I use them on my e-book reader.