Starting a new blog

I’ve been quiet this week because I’ve been working on the creation of a new blog. This one is a group blog that I’ve started for people that I work with on a software product called “WebSphere MQ”. It’s now live at

I went for a hosted service this time, rather than set it up all myself, so if I don’t have to worry about bandwidth usage if it proves to be popular.

And – also unlike this one – I actually bothered to customise the style of the blog and draw a custom banner image (my artistic skills truly know no bounds! ;-)).

Other than writing some posts for it myself, I’ve also been persuading colleagues to write me stuff, writing some of the static pages like ‘About’ and ‘Disclaimer’ to get it all ready, and double-checking our work guidelines on blogs to make sure I’m not breaking any rules!

Unless you have an interest in WebSphere MQ, it’s unlikely to be very interesting to you. But if you do, please take a look and add a comment.

(And if you work on WMQ and I haven’t badgered you already, please join in! Give me a shout with your wordpress ID and email address and I’ll add you to the list of authors. :-))

3 Responses to “Starting a new blog”

  1. andyp says:

    Very good news – good work – look forward to reading the new blog!

  2. […] 5th, 2007 · No Comments Very glad to see that Dale has got the new blog up-and-running. A Hursley View on WMQ aims toprovide an additional communications channel from the development team in the labs (IBM Hursley near Winchester in the UK, in the case of WebSphere MQ). Look out for tips, news on tools, and posts about “how it works”. […]

  3. dale says:

    Thanks for the comment, Andy – and thanks for the encouragement to get it going when I originally started mentioning the idea!