Posting to IBM Connections from WP7

IBM Connections is something we use at work: an internal, intranet-hosted social network for work stuff.

I use stuff like the wikis, file sharing, and bookmarks, quite a lot. But I don’t make status updates as often as I could.

I wonder if that’s because I couldn’t do it from my phone? I know that I certainly started using Facebook a lot more since getting a phone with support for posting to facebook and twitter built-in.

So I set up a way for me to post to Connections from my phone with just one tap on the home screen.

Well, one tap, plus all the taps to actually type the status message… plus another tap on the Send button. But you get the idea.

I’ve written up how I did it. This is on our intranet, as it uses an approach which only applies to our deployment and wouldn’t be relevant to anyone outside.

Although I’ve done it for WP7, the basic idea should apply to Android and iPhone, so if you’re interested don’t let that put you off.

The question is, will this get me updating my Connections status more often?

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