A nice memory

I was reminded of this by my Timehop email this morning. (Incidentally, I’m loving Timehop – thanks to Roo for sharing it).

A year ago today, I had a lousy afternoon. I even tweeted about it.

I didn’t share what happened after, although I possibly should have.

I came home that evening feeling hacked off and generally sorry for myself.

That night, I found three small bits of paper on my pillow when I went up to bed.

a note from Grace

After being put to bed, Grace had thought to get up, write me a note, and sneak out of her room to put it on my pillow before going back to bed.

That she would think to do that still makes me smile. (The numbering is kinda cute, too 😉 ) A year later, I still have it. It lives in my netbook bag, so I pretty much carry it around with me and it still cheers me up from time to time.

One Response to “A nice memory”

  1. David Bates says:

    Awwwwwwhhhh…..that’s adorable!