Face Movies

I’ve been using Picasa to manage my photos of the kids for years.

I noticed in the changelog for the latest version that it now can create chronological “Face Movies”. These are videos of all the photos of a certain person, arranged in order that they were taken, and zoomed, rotated and cropped to line up the face as best as possible between the pictures.

After a little prodding from Tim, I gave it a try.

Here is (nearly) every photo I’ve ever taken of Grace, run through Picasa’s Face Movie.

It takes two-and-a-half minutes, but I think it’s pretty cool. I love how you can watch her face change, and her hair grow over time.

There are settings you can tweak. For example, you can change the frame rate, or get it to filter out photos taken within a specified amount of time of each other. It means you can make shorter versions – I made a video of just some of Grace’s pics that lasts under a minute.

In the same way, I have Face Movies of Faith:

And a 30 second version with photos taken near each other filtered out.

These are very cool.

I guess they’re less fun for adults… I tried it on photos of me, and it’s basically a way to watch myself age.

One Response to “Face Movies”

  1. Picasa has really advanced recently – I must go back and have a look. Usually I’m Lightroom based but for Family stuff it was good.

    What I find interesting looking back over kids pictures is the point at which the person you see to today suddenly emerges. Seems to be a sudden point at which the baby goes.

    Though I shall not do it on myself; speed seems to be increasing on this downhill slope.