Explaining PowerShell for WebSphere MQ

I’ve made a start on a series of posts designed to introduce how to use Windows PowerShell for WebSphere MQ admin. There is a bit of a learning curve for people new to PowerShell, so rather than try to explain everything in one go, I’m planning on breaking it down into bits, covering one topic a day.

If you’re curious to see all this PowerShell stuff I’ve been working on for months, head on over to the WMQ blog:

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5 Responses to “Explaining PowerShell for WebSphere MQ”

  1. dale says:

    Thanks very much

    Yeah, I’ve been amazed at how much coverage the PowerShell stuff has been getting – even on sites like eWeek.

    It still has to be seen what the adoption is like from the WMQ community – I’ve not seen much mention of it in places like mqseries.net.

  2. […] busy doing CmdLets for MQ, and somehow this escaped my attention. Starting back in December 2007, Dale Lane at IBM published a series of posts about the topic of PowerShell CmdLets for MQ.  There is […]

  3. Alan says:

    I tried this out a while back and found a few defects (couldnt connect to remote AS400 or Mainframe queue managers), which I reported. I have had a look and the version on IBM web site doesnt appear to have changed. Is this product still being worked on/developed? (I realise that its not an officially supported product).

  4. dale says:

    Hi – I don’t know, to be honest. I’m not aware of any work on it, however I am no longer in WMQ Development, so my knowledge is far from definitive.

    If you think you would find it useful, I’d encourage you to let your IBM Sales or Support Rep know – this sort of feedback from customers is useful in letting Development know what they should focus on.

    Thanks very much for your comment.

    Kind regards, D