A plea to Upcoming

Upcoming doesn’t seem to like me very much at the moment. Not sure why… I’ve tried emailing them (several times!) but no reply. I thought I’d try putting something here to see if anyone knows why, or can suggest what I can do to fix it.

I’m not sure how long my Upcoming account has been broken… cos it all looks fine to me. Look – this is what I see when I logon:

screenshot of upcoming

Look – see? I can logon fine. I can see my upcoming (no pun intended) events, and those from my friends. I can see recent comments, changes and news from friends… all looks fine.

So what’s the problem?

This is what everyone else is seeing

screenshot of upcoming

User account not found? But… how? Why can’t you find me? 🙁

It doesn’t end there…

I can see my events fine – if I click on one of them at random, this is what I see:

screenshot of upcoming

I can see all of the event details without any problems. Upcoming knows when it is, where it is, when it was added… I can even see that someone else has registered as ‘watching’ it. Everything fine, right?

Except… no. This is what you will see if you go to that page:

screenshot of upcoming

Event was removed? Why? By who? 🙁

It’s all very strange. I can still see my friends:

screenshot of upcoming

…and I think people who added me before it all went bonkers can still see me. For example, here is Roo’s page, and there is me in his list:

screenshot of upcoming

But people who try to add me as a friend now get the “user deleted” errors. 🙁

All in all… it’s sort of… nearly… working. In that I can see all of my events and info. While noone else can.

Which is of course massively useful for a social-networking diary thing(!)

If anyone knows someone at Yahoo or Upcoming, I’d be eternally grateful if you could ask them to give me a hand. I love Upcoming, and this is all very frustrating. 🙁

Update (17 December): Thanks you, blog/twitter-verse! My account was fixed within a day of this post, and I am a happy bunny again. Now I need to find some new events to go to so I can get using Upcoming again 😀

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One Response to “A plea to Upcoming”

  1. dale says:

    PS – Thanks to everyone like Nick for trying it out for me. If it wasn’t for people pointing this out to me, I’d have merrily gone along thinking everything was fine 🙂