Grace’s Olympics Scratch

Grace has been starting to get to grips with Scratch – a visual programming tool aimed at children.

She seems to like it so far, and has made a couple of little animal games. She’s also made a more topical animation

Grace’s Olympics animation


  • Green flag means Play from the beginning.
  • Red dot means Stop.
  • The full-screen button in the top-left seems to need you to Shift-click to work.

Scratch’s web player is Flash-based. If you’re on a mobile or other non-Flash-friendly device, sorry – you’re missing something awesome 😉

It doesn’t seem to like Internet Explorer very much. If you’re on IE, what you’re seeing is pretty broken. There is a Java applet version that seems to work better on IE though.

Scratch seems to do some pretty aggressive compression when you share a project to – so the online version images are a little mangled. You get the idea, though.

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One Response to “Grace’s Olympics Scratch”

  1. Andy Piper says:

    Fantastic, well done Grace! I’ve been working with youngsters all week for Young Rewired State and Scratch seems to have been relatively popular for some of them to build animations and games. I also discovered ScratchToJar on Github which looks useful for making these things standalone.