A scheduler for Remember The Milk

A quick tool I made for setting due dates of tasks in Remember The Milk by dragging them onto a calendar

I’ve mentioned Remember The Milk (RTM) before – the online to-do list manager. I’ve been using it for years.

My workflow has settled into:

  1. Capture
    Any time I think of something that I’ll probably need to do, it gets thrown into RTM. Then I relax knowing it won’t get forgotten.
  2. Plan
    Periodically review everything in RTM, working out what needs to be done soon, what can wait, and so on.

The RTM web application interface doesn’t suit my approach to scheduling tasks. I need a different view for planning and triaging.

So I made one.

Remember The Milk scheduler

It has two views:

  • A sidebar on the left with unscheduled tasks
    Tasks without a due date go here, with a search box to filter them such as showing tasks from a specific list, tasks with a specific priority, tasks which mention certain words, and so on.
  • A calendar showing scheduled tasks

To set a due date on any task, drag it to when it should be done.

You can drag tasks from the unscheduled tasks list onto the calendar. You can drag tasks already onto the calendar to a different date or time on the calendar.

You can schedule tasks for a day, or to a specific time.

It works like this:

Pretty simple, and hopefully helpful.

If you want to use it, go to:


If you want the source code, go to:


It was a quick hack knocked up in an evening. It didn’t need very much work, thanks to the amazing FullCalendar jQuery plugin and the Remember The Milk JavaScript library.

But this does mean there are probably issues in browsers/platforms I’ve not tried it on. For example, it won’t work on mobiles or tablets. (Update: I came back and added basic mobile support a couple of days later)

And I’ve not got a Windows box at home, so who knows what Internet Explorer will do with it? 😉

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