My Windows Mobile developer kit has arrived!

Microsoft give away free developer resource kits for Windows Mobile. A two-disc DVD set, it comes with everything needed to write apps for Windows Mobile 5 – an IDE, SDK, the .NET Compact Framework, emulators for development and testing, API and documentation, and a bunch of educational resources like samples, walkthroughs and videos. I ordered it a little while ago, and it’s finally come.

I’m out tonight, so will have to wait before I can have a play. I’m looking forward to it, though – will have to try writing a small app for my phone tomorrow night.

3 Responses to “My Windows Mobile developer kit has arrived!”

  1. […] Finally – a chance to play with my Windows Mobile developer kit. I had my first go with it tonight, and so far, I’m pretty impressed. […]

  2. […] I read a couple of weeks ago about Google acknowledging that they’d released too many products, and deciding to focus on developing features for existing products where possible in future. With this in mind, this evening’s idea for Windows Mobile development is an extension to one of the core applications rather than a new application. […]

  3. […] It seems that my note-taking app (written partly as an excuse to play with a Windows Mobile developer kit, and partly for something I could use to take notes myself) has got noticed by a few people. […]