Using with Machine Learning for Kids

Students can work on machine learning projects in Python entirely in the browser, without any need for setup, installs, or registration.

I’ve been using my quiet Bank Holiday weekend to make some improvements to Machine Learning for Kids. The most significant update I’ve made is to improve the support for Python projects, based on an idea from Rebecca D’Cruz who adapted some ML for Kids worksheets using, to make it easier for her class.

I hadn’t come across before, but it’s a great browser-based IDE, with support for a variety of languages, including Python. It’s simple to use, and doesn’t require registration – which makes it ideal for use in the classroom.

I spent yesterday looking into how I could integrate into Machine Learning for Kids as a way of making machine learning projects in Python as simple as my Scratch projects.

I’ve written template starter projects in, and a launch button in Machine Learning for Kids loads a clone of one of the appropriate templates in a single click.

And I’ve got some interactive widgets in the Machine Learning for Kids that helps generate code snippets to help students customize the templates for use with their own projects.

I’ve recorded a couple of videos to show how it works.

They both show how you can go from zero to a working machine learning program in Python in under three minutes. I haven’t cheated by speeding up the recording or anything like that, you really can do it that quickly now.

This is what it looks like for a text project:

This is what it looks like for a numbers project:

You can do it with images projects, but editing those two videos took me so long that I couldn’t face making a third. But it’s the same sort of thing again!

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